Noosa National Park

Noosa National Park

Noosa Heads National Park After a Cyclone 1964
From the Surfing in the 1960s Series by Garry Birdsall

In the 1960's most of Queensland was still a wild frontier of bush, beaches and dirt roads. With the coming of mass car ownership most people could now access the areas beyond their towns and many headed for Noosa's surf beaches.

In 1964 a series of tropical cyclones flooded these ancient lands as wind, rain and storm surges beat down on the coastline, wreaking havoc and massive destruction. As the cyclones diminished everyone breathed sighs of relief that the worst was over. But the cyclones aftermath offered a silver lining to surfers, epic storm swells pumping in to Noosa Heads National Park.

This amazing surfing utopia is captured in my painting. I was lucky enough to have surfed Noosa National Park back then. But this particular painting was inspired by my mate, Mal Sutherland's classic photograph taken at Noosa National after a cyclone back in 1964.

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