The Season of the Sandman

The Season of the Sandman

The iconic Sandman Panel Van owner was the envy of all of us surfers in the 1970s. The Sandman was popular because it was rugged and reliable.
It had heaps of space to store boards and surf gear and even became a weekend mobile home to many surfers and their mates.
Back window stickers on the Sandman van sometimes proclaimed the message "Don't laugh - your daughter could be inside".

Leaning against the Sandman is a surfboard, which is a replica of one I shaped and airbrushed back in the 1970s.
The HQ Holden was introduced in 1971 and the Sandman Panel van was first released with the HQ in early 1974, followed by the XU3 in mid 1975 with the HJ series.

Email Garry for information about size and price.

Large original painting.

Price: AU$4,000.00  (or nearest offer)

Prices include GST and freight in Australia.
For overseas prices please email:    Garry and Maria

© Garry Birdsall

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